Register A Float

    Entry fee $750.

    Returnable deposit $500.00. Deposits will be returned if all rules are followed.

    1. The drivers of all vehicles must hold a valid driver's license. (a copy shall be made at time of registry)

    2. The drivers of all vehicles in the parade are prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverages.

    3. All drivers must have proof of vehicle insurance. (a copy shall be made at time of registry)

    4. All tow vehicles must have copy of vehicle registration

    • The driver of the vehicle has a valid driver's license YesNo

    • The vehicle has proof of insurance YesNo

    *****: No alcoholic beverages in cab of vehicle. Float driver DUI checkpoints will be enforced before, during and after the parade. Several alternate routes off the parade route will be available for floats that are not following rules (drivers drinking or exiting vehicle, etc.).
    *** Licensed Antique Vehicles only
    *** Sorry no walking dance teams***

    The Carencro Mardi Gras Association appreciates your help and participation in making this a safe and wonderful parade.

    REQUIRED: Copy of vehicle insurance, registration, and driver's license of both the driver and captain must accompany this application.